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Hair Replacement

The hair replacement is a simple procedure of adding synthetic hair or a part of the additional human hair that would give volume and cover up the areas throughout the head.

hair fixing

Hair Patches

Hairs are applied in the same size as the empty area of the head, it is called hair patch. It provides a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Hair Fixing Hair Bazaar Studio

Hair Fixing

The borders of the hair patch are fixed with tape and glue for 25 to 30 days. Can shampoo & bath daily. Maintenance is like that of original hair.

Hair Taping Hair Bazaar Studio

Hair Taping

Both sides of the hair patches border are fixed with tape for 7 -10 days, and can be removed daily if desired. Self-service method & can take bath daily.


Hair Clipping

There are four clips in the border of the hair patch which get attached to the original hair and can be put on whenever you want and can be taken off as per your wish.

hair clipping

Hair Wigs

If the entire area of the head is empty then hair is added to the entire head and it is called a hair wig. We offer the finest hair wigs in various sizes, colors, and of premium quality.

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